How to Implement the Password Verify Function in a EDB PostgreSQL Advanced Server Database

edb postgresql

Security is the measure role of the database in terms of data and user level. One of the most important security concerns is a user’s  password, which should be both confidential and complex. In this post, I’ll explain and implement…

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Why Migrate Your PostgreSQL, MySQL or SQL Server to Google Cloud SQL?

Whether you’re using a PostgreSQL, MySQL or SQL Server relational database, a migration to Google Cloud SQL can take it up a notch—automating management tasks, ensuring business continuity and staying up-to-date with security and compliance requirements. And, with a solution…

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Using Kafka to Replicate Data from Postgres to MS SQL Server: Part 1


    The Challenge You’ve probably heard the expression, “Data is the new oil”.  That’s because data is at the heart of any business decision system of any organization. However, the data you need  isn’t always located in only one…

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Migrate RDB to Cloud SQL Using Google’s Dataflow

rdbms data transfer

Most corporations have huge amounts of data in RDBMS (relational database management system). When considering a RDBMS data transfer and you only need a subset of data to migrate to the cloud, follow this very efficient and easy data ingestion…

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Postgres partial indexes on email address domains

When I first heard of Postgres partial indexes, I knew immediately that this would have solved a problem I had in MySQL about a decade ago. That problem didn’t go unsolved, but it certainly wasn’t as easy as I’ll demonstrate…

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Postgres Security Patches Related to the Search Path

There were some security patches released this month for Postgres, to put further restrictions on pathways that malicious users could use to leverage the search_path to insert malicious code. What is the search path? What is search_path? Postgres has a…

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Postgres Covering Indexes and the Visibility Map

Covering indexes in Postgres came up in our weekly tech call because of a query optimization review one of the teams has in progress. It seemed like some covering indexes weren’t working. I’ve been reading a book called Curious Moon,…

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PostgreSQL Backups

There are at least four ways to back up a Postgres database: SQL dump, filesystem snapshots, continuous archiving, and third-party tools. For each, notes on the recovery point objective (or RPO, which is a measure of how up-to-date your application…

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Migrate Postgres Database from EC2 instance to RDS using AWS DMS (Data Migration Services)

In this post, we will explore one approach to Migrate PostgreSQL DB on EC2 instance to RDS instance using AWS Data Migration services. Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) is quite popular because of its easy setup, operation, and auto-scalability….

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Working with Ansible, PostgreSQL and Docker

While working on creating some of our internal training labs for PostgreSQL, I have had the pleasure of working with PostreSQL in Docker and working with it in different ways.  One of the most important ways that I worked with…

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