The Drum Roll to UKOUG Commences

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A mere 5,018 minutes until the festivities start at the 2012 version of the UKOUG User Group Conference. I have a soft-spot for the Brits, and it probably stems from my love affair with their sense of humor. I cut my teeth early on British wit with Monty Python’s Flying Circus, the silly antics of John Cleese, and many, many others. Whether it’s the dead parrot, the upperclass twit of the year, the lumberjack song… The list is endless.

I am sometimes tempted to set up a wood desk with a high-back chair in a meadow, don a black suit, take on my British face, sit, fold my hands in front of me, rest them on the desk top, and exclaim “and now for something completely different”. My first UKOUG show was in Brighton in 1992 as well as my first journey across the sea to Europe. I was pumped to finally be at HM’s doorstep and spend some time in London after the conference, but it wasn’t long enough. I was traveling with a HUGE idol of mine, Ken Jacobs (a.k.a. Dr. DBA), so naturally we traveled in style. Ken loves the Oracle Database as much as his family and was with the company for over 30 years. Here’s to you again, and again, and… Ken.

I attended the UK show again in 1998 in Birmingham, and once more, it did not disappoint. I gave a paper there and was very much appreciated… That crazy Canuck is back. Here we are, purged on the precipice of yet another fine year at the conference, my second in a row since re-joining Pythian last year. Speaking of Pythian, we have no less than 8 sessions at the event this year including:

  1. Applying Traditional DBA Skills to Oracle Exadata featuring Paul Logan
  2. Exadata Datawarehousing: Leveraging Parallel Query and The Answer to Free Memory, Swap, Oracle and Everything with the ever-popular Christo Kutrovksy
  3. 6-Node Active-Active Oracle GoldenGate: Experiences and Lessons Learned starring (drum roll) … Luke Davies
  4. Benchmarking Oracle I/O Performance with ORION and Oracle ASM New Features starring Alex Gorbachev
  5. Do it Right – Do It Once; A Roadmap to Maintenance Windows and RACing Up the Miles as a Beginner from none other than Pythian’s newest ACE, yours truly

The show is intense and hugely educational with some of the world’s finest attending and presenting. For us Pythianites, the trek terminates on Wednesday evening with British football’s equivalent of the “Yankees” from MLB (Major League Baseball) or the Canadiens from the NHL (National Hockey League): tada, Manchester United. Keep a close eye out for RACAttack (a cluster database at home) above the vendor forum from 11am to 3pm Monday and 9am to 3pm Tuesday. Pythian’s own Alex Gorbachev and others will help you attack the RAC. Not to be missed!

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Andrew Waitman
November 30, 2012 3:09 pm

Only in Birmingham you say….pity!


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