The Growing Trend Toward Data Infrastructure Outsourcing

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Today’s blog post is the first of three in a series dedicated to data infrastructure outsourcing, with excerpts from our latest white paper.

Despite the strong push to outsource corporate functions that began more than two decades ago, many IT shops have been hesitant to outsource their data management requirements.

Generally, the more mission-critical the data, the more organizations have felt compelled to control it, assigning that responsibility to their brightest and most trusted in-house database experts. The reasoning has been that with greater control comes greater security.

That mindset is rapidly changing. Macroeconomic trends are putting mounting pressure on organizations to rethink the last bastion of IT in-housing—data infrastructure management—and instead look for flexible, cost-effective outsourcing solutions that can help them improve operational efficiency, optimize performance, and increase overall productivity.

This trend toward outsourcing to increase productivity, and not simply reduce costs, is supported by a recent Forrester Research report that highlights the key reasons companies  are looking for outside help: too many new technologies and data sources, and difficulty finding people with the skills and experience to optimize and manage them.

To learn how to develop a data infrastructure sourcing strategy, download the rest of our white paper, Data Infrastructure Outsourcing.

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