The Next Oracle Database Version — 11g?

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I’m looking forward to the announcement of the next Oracle database version. It’ll be interesting to see how it’s going to be named. It’s been known so far as 11g but I expect an update on 11th of July.It’s no secret that Oracle has been pushing in the direction of Fusion lately so maybe the next version will be 11f then? Well, it can stand not only for Fusion but also for Failure or worse.

Another idea would be that it stands for Manageability. There has been quite a lot of focus on Enterprise Manager. In this case it could be for Easy or Enterprise Manager. Maybe Oracle will step away from the numeric sequence completely to avoid confusion with Oracle Applications?

Why don’t we organize a quick poll then? Consider it done!

I wish it would be “w” for Working. :)

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I’m useless at these games, so I’ll vote for your suggestion.

“Working” would be a wonderful result …


‘9i’ to ’10g’ was a retrograde step IMHO. ’10g’ to ’11f’ would merely be compounding the error.

I strongly favour ‘Oracle 2.0 (beta)’ which would immediately get massive kudos and create a wealth of positive marketing and PR opportunities.

This new, exciting Oracle brand would also gain much needed respect from those pesky ‘A’ listers in the blogging community.

Alex Gorbachev
June 27, 2007 7:41 pm

Nice suggestion Andy – I added Oracle 2.0 in the options. Thanks!


Hep! I lay claim to the first mention of “11f”.
Over a year ago, in the oracle-l list!

But I’d settle for 11s: as in “solid”…

failing that, “working” is indeed a good option!


We had encountered few issues during beta where were told (advised?) that ” if you want this feature, you cannot use RAC “. Well there was more than one such issue. Hopefully it is all fixed now.

I sure hope so.

Dominic Brooks
June 28, 2007 2:22 pm

‘G’rid was the industry buzzword when 10g came out.
From what I read, virtualization is the latest bandwagon. So my money’s on 11v.

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