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I am very excited to be able to link to this press release announcing that The Pythian Group is the founding partner in MySQL’s brand-new “Remote DBA Provider” partnership program. This is great news for Pythian. It is also good news for Sun/MySQL. (Although admittedly nowhere near as attention-getting as Oracle’s announcement of their purchase of Sun Microsystems. Note that Pythian has been an Oracle partner for a very long time already.)

What this means is that MySQL Platinum Enterprise Support for MySQL is now bundled with every Pythian support contract. As a partner at the Platinum-level—the highest-tier support for MySQL—Pythian receives the level of support that most closely meshes with the elite and ultra-responsive level of enterprise infrastructure management that has been our tradition for over ten years.

This will now allow us to provide our customers cohesive and collaborative services of the highest calibre in full co-operation with the brilliant engineers at MySQL. (Something to note—there is currently no other way to get MySQL Platinum Enterprise Support on a monthly-pay basis other than through Pythian; otherwise it is an annual subscription.)

When the matter is related to database management, operations and administration, consulting, architecture, server consolidation, cloud offload, clustering, or sharding, Pythian engineers will take the lead in consultation with MySQL. When the matter is product functionality, emergency or routine product support, enhancement requests, patches, and so forth, MySQL will take the lead as coordinated by Pythian, so that the client always has Pythian fully-informed and in control of the optimal delivery of support.

This partnership represents months of work by Pythian’s Peter Ling in collaboration with Anna Weihl at Sun, with Andrew Waitman’s and my support together with that of Sun’s Kevin Schmidt, Jeff Wiss, and Karen Tegan Padir.

I also want to thank Marten Mickos for his early advocacy surrounding this strategy. Marten, although you have left Sun, you should be happy to know that the community spirit you led with from the top has caught on and not flagged since your departure.



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Alex Gorbachev
April 21, 2009 7:10 pm

Well done everyone. Truly exciting news.

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