The responsibility of “root”

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Systems Administrators often hold the “keys to the kingdom”.  In a data driven world, every IT asset has the potential to have multiple privileged accounts, which can introduce risk to your business and your data.  From the SuperUser to the Database Admin to the Application Owner, each day numerous people are accessing critical infrastructure, often times using a shared account which makes it nearly impossible to determine which individual actually performed any given task.

Team Pythian is attending the 27th Large Installation Systems Administration Conference in Washington DC this week and our founder and executive chairman Paul Vallée as well as members of our Enterprise Infrastructure Services team will be holding a round table discussion on the risk, rewards, and challenges of privileged access management and the overall responsibility of “root” .
Join us Wednesday, November 6, 2013 —  8:30pm at Thurgood Marshall South or visit us at booth 114 and say hello.
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