Trials and tribulations of reactivating an Oracle Cloud Account

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I recently tried to reactivate an Oracle Cloud Account and it turned out to be quite a bit more difficult than anticipated.

The purpose of this article is to assist others in this situation so they can go through the process with more direction and ease than I did. And hopefully Oracle makes this process smoother (actually “much smoother”) in the near future.


The situation

Let’s say we have this sequence of events:

  1. A person signs up for the Oracle Cloud 30-day trial account.
  2. They use it during the trial period and choose not to continue with the service. Hence they choose to not convert it to a paid account.
  3. Some period of time later (say 90 or 180 days later) they change their mind and decide they do want to continue as a paid customer.

This third point is where things become confusing and complicated. And for clarity, it’s not a matter of preserving existing services provisioned – it’s just how to convert into a paid customer to provision new services after some period of time that’s difficult.

The issue is that unfortunately Oracle doesn’t really have a clear path for someone who chose not to be a paid customer in the past to now become a paid customer.

Trying to access the existing account

Even though the service has expired and was not converted to a paid account, trying to access “My Account” as an account administrator is still possible. Logging into still works. Unfortunately though, there’s not much that can be done from there at this point.

The site that needs to be accessed is the “My Services” landing page for the given identity domain:


Continuing from here unfortunately this doesn’t work (as the service has expired). Trying to log into the identity domain services page will give the error:

"The user account is locked or disabled. Please click here to reset your password or contact the System Administrator."


Ah, so it seems like we must reset the password. Following the link provided to do so seems like the obvious next step. But after providing the email address and identity domain, the following error is provided:

"IAM-3040002 : You cannot reset your password, because your challenge questions have not been setup. Please contact your system administrator to reset your password."


But again I am the administrator and I did set up challenge questions initially.  So at this point, we’re effectively stuck.

But the key is in the earlier message where it says “locked or disabled”. It’s that later that’s actually happened – the account has been disabled as it was not converted to a paid account.

To make matters worse, we can request and receive the account summary email. The service will send you an email titled “Oracle Cloud Access Details” which looks like:


This is rather misleading because it makes it seem like you still do have an active account. But in reality that’s not the case – because it was not converted into a paid subscription within the grace period after the free trial, it was “disabled”.

Getting the account reactivated

At this point I had engage with my local Oracle office and a Oracle Cloud “Live Assistance” chat to work out what to do.

The outcome from that (or “the lessons learned”) about what someone in this predicament should do is:

A) Not try to access the existing account via the links provided in the “Oracle Cloud Access Details” email – that’s just not going to work.

B) Instead navigate to and choose the “Buy” option and purchase based on the pay-as-you-go (or PAYG) model. Do not try to create a new trial account under a new email address as their identity detection algorithms will probably still recognize you as having completed a free trial previously.

C) Clicking the “Buy” option will require you to enter the same information again as was done months earlier when signing up for the free trial the first time (name, address, email, company, phone number, credit card, etc). However, after entering your credit card information again you’ll be presented with the error:

“We’re unable to process your transaction. Please contact Oracle Customer Service.”

D) This is because the system has detected that you have registered previously and that this might be a “duplicate account”.  Same as if you try to sign-up for a new trial account and it detects that you’ve already registered before. At this point you need to do exactly that: contact customer service, provide your details and let them look into the issue. They should identify that the service/account has been disabled and they must “clear it“.  Where I think “clear” really means “remove” the historical information.

E) After they do so, sign-up once again using the “Buy” button. This will actually be the third time signing up (first time was months ago when registering for the initial trial, the second time was to get the error that Oracle Customer Service could look at).

F) At this point the transaction should complete and should redirect you to the page:


And after some time (possibly much longer than 15 minutes), the new account should be created and the details emailed.


So that’s the trick for what to do if you didn’t convert into a paid subscription and you change your mind months later. To summarize:

  1. Sign up again as a pay-as-you-go customer using the “buy” option from .  Let the error be generated when doing so.
  2. Contact customer support and have them “clear” your account.
  3. Repeat the sign-up step one more time and hopefully this time it will work.

It’s unfortunate that you must manually contact Oracle Customer Service via a “Live Chat” to get the issue resolved but otherwise you’re in the catch-22 of not being able to use the previous account/service while also not being able to sign-up for or activate either a new paid or trial account. So effectively unable to buy Oracle Cloud services!

I hope Oracle cleans-up this process or at the very least makes the error messages returned more intuitive. Or, they should mention in the account summary emails that the account is disabled and provide detailed steps on what actions need to be taken to re-enable it.

Their cloud platform is evolving very quickly so hopefully they do optimize this processes. In the meantime, hopefully this article can be of assistance to anyone else in a similar predicament.



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Thanks for the post as this confirmed the insanity I have faced when dealing with Oracle Cloud: OCI-C


Oracle has not cleaned this up. There is no way for me to make use of the account I previously registered. The only solution was to create a new account.

brandon anderson
March 4, 2019 12:56 pm

Thank you for posting this. I am sorting thru this issue right now. Oracle really needs to put something in place to correct this. what a headache

Yoshi Ichiro
March 20, 2019 2:14 pm

It’s solved ??
i’m always have a problem with “We’re unable to process your transaction. Please contact Oracle Customer Service.”
have chat Costumer Service, i’m never recive a solution. I try Using new account with new details include new credit card details (not same with before account) but Not Work, always error like that, i’m try for clear a cache, cookie, etc, but still not work,


Sounds like the same or a similar solution. You might need to resolve it with Oracle support like I had to. Good luck.

Yoshi Ichiro
March 28, 2019 2:26 pm

i’ve been contact CS of oracle. And not get a solution.

Connie Reynolds
April 17, 2022 11:06 am

I don’t have a business account


I’am Oracle DBA for more than 12 years . believe me when I say working with AWS or google cloud are much much much easiest and also you can find more option than oracle cloud , I don’t know why oracle make it soooo hard to work with .
that’s why I spent more than 10 hours working with oracle cloud but I still have lots of problem ,it’s really stupid to move to oracle cloud.


I think it’s a little more challenging to get started with (beyond the account activation issues) as you need to setup more of the networking and security manually compared to some other clouds. But once you get the fundamentals down it’s pretty straight forward and maybe even easier (less cluttered) than some of the others.


I love Oracle Cloud Integration, it’s just too bad their own business model is preventing it from being adopted. AWS, Microsoft, Google all have a free tier. Oracle? 30 day trial, one time only. After that , you’re locked out unless you pay hundreds of dollars per month just to have a bare instance of OIC running without actually using it for anything.


Oracle needs to get with the times and offer a free tier account that does not expire. What happened to pay as you go anyway? According to the price list for Oracle Integration Cloud it costs something like $600 a month minimum. Why can’t I get a free account and pay as I go for x# of messages sent or something? Like AWS Lambda for example. It’s no wonder Oracle Cloud is never mentioned in lists of cloud services. They are truly at the bottom rung, because of this policy. They don’t want new customers.

Unsatisfied Oracle Customer
March 4, 2020 10:05 pm

Unfortunately It’s 2020 and this issue still happens. I’m locked out of OCI and the customer support can’t help at all. They only say: “Contact a sales representative!” – That’s insane for a company that plans to become a #1 in Cloud.

Cathal Crawford
April 28, 2020 5:41 pm

Similar issue, was getting that vague error when entering the payment details, why not just say something like duplicate account detected or offer you a chance to convert the expired trial. Everything is so clunky compared to azure, AWS etc. Would anyone recommend Oracle cloud to a customer after they can’t even get a trial set up right!


I am having the same issue. And up til today, i have emailed oracle more than 5 times. I have contacted them by phone and they told me to wait for the mail response. I have chatted to the support but i was told, i need to wait for the mail response. It is frustrating how Oracle could have overlooked at this.


Now is 2022 and oracle is really unprofessional in terms of the process design, as my account has been disabled but nobody knows in oracle why it has been deleted they say a standard line system terminated and we can’t restore it..I lost my all data in a fraction of seconds


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