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Recently I “inherited” some new responsibilities at work. It’s not the first time during my 11 or so of the last 16 years at Pythian. Throughout my employ at Pythian, I have been continually given new titles based on new roles I have taken on. For me, besides the enjoyment I have been lucky to have at Pythian, this trust and confidence are two of the biggest contributors to one’s longevity with a company.

For Pythian and me, it all started one spring afternoon in about 1998. Paul and Steve had been doing the Pythian-thing for a year or more, and were looking for assistance getting “off-the-ground” so to speak. That endeavour was part of the reason for our new association and it’s been a magic carpet ride since. I did leave at one point for almost 6 years, but returned in early 2011. Between 1998 and 2011, the size of the company changed, but it was still the same old company.

I now manage the day-to-day operations of the consulting group and take pride in the work I do. Touché all you people out there in Pythian-land.


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