Video: Make data part of your company’s DNA with Kick AaaS

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Wouldn’t your job be a lot easier if you could overcome data silos to get better insights on everything from operational efficiency, to marketing performance, to your customers’ experience? What if you could gather enough data in one place for meaningful data science exploration and machine learning? Kick Analytics as a Service (AaaS) from Pythian enables these capabilities and more.

Kick AaaS is a fully-managed, cloud-based analytics platform, delivered as a monthly service. It’s designed to let you gain insights from both internal and external data — all securely and at scale. And because it’s delivered by a team of business-savvy big data and analytics experts, it’s always completely customized for your unique use cases and data sources.

The platform brings together data from multiple sources and makes it available to different users and systems. It can help you quickly get access to actionable insights based on a 360 degree view of your customers, or optimize your applications, or even help you develop new products. Enabling more users to access more data, more easily, can make data part of your company’s DNA.

Watch the video (above) to learn how Kick AaaS can help users across your business get more from your data.



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Lynda Partner is a self-professed data addict who understands how transformational data can be for organizations. In her role as EVP of Data and Analytics, Lynda focuses on Pythian’s services that help customers harness the power of data and analytics and holistically manage their data estate.

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