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For only $299, you can access Virtual IOUG Collaborate 13 individually or set up a conference room at your company for the whole team. There will be two tracks broadcasted, so if you have demand for both tracks, it makes sense to purchase two access passes and setup two tracks broadcasted in parallel in your office so that members of your team can individually choose what to attend. I think that’s a steal even if you want to purchase this package individually.

Virtual attendance doesn’t completely replace the physical presence, but if you can’t come to Denver in April, this is the next best thing. Relationships that you gain from meeting your peers and speakers face to face are extremely valuable and you will carry them throughout your whole career. I’ve been just recently discussing with Rene Antunez (who’s just joined Pythian) about how social media and Twitter revolutionized our professional networking, and we agreed that things like Twitter alone won’t cut it for many of us. While some folks only know most of their peers online, the real relationships are established face to face — discussing a presentation with the speaker during lunch, sharing a drink at the reception or having a heated discussion in a pub near the convention center. With such relationships, social media becomes a natural extended communication channel.

But I digress… So those of you who can’t come to Denver for one reason or another, do consider taking Virtual IOUG Collaborate 2013 Pass and enjoy the session in tracks “High Availability, Disaster Recovery, Manageability” and “Performance, Scalability and Internals”. Here are some of the speakers who you would have a chance to see over 4 days of sessions broadcasting:

  • Kuassi Mensah, Oracle
  • John Beresniewicz, Oracle
  • Michael Abbey, Pythian
  • Yury Velikanov, Pythian
  • Craig Shallahamer, OraPub
  • Karl Arao, Enkitec
  • Carlos Sierra, Oracle
  • Mark W Farnham, Rightsizing
  • Guy Harrison, Dell
  • Frits Hoogland, VX Company
  • Tim Gorman, Evergreen Database Technologies
  • Kyle Hailey, Delphix
  • Gwen Shapira, Pythian

My favorite virtual track is “Performance, Scalability and Internals”, but I will be at the conference physically so I will also be attending lots of sessions on Big Data and Data Science. By the way, as virtual attendee, you will get access to the recordings as well so even if you miss certain live sessions, you can watch them later at your convenience.

If your team is dispersed geographically, the members would need a pass each to watch broadcast live but, again, I still think it’s a steal at $299!

I’m looking forward to see some of you in Denver and some of you on Twitter talking about what you saw at the virtual conference. If you don’t come to Denver and aren’t going to be virtual attendee, tell me why and what else can we do to plug you into Collaborate. I will relay your message to the IOUG Board of Directors and the Conference Committee.

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What does it take to be chief technology officer at a company of technology experts? Experience. Imagination. Passion. Alex Gorbachev has all three. He’s played a key role in taking the company global, having set up Pythian’s Asia Pacific operations. Today, the CTO office is an incubator of new services and technologies – a mini-startup inside Pythian. Most recently, Alex built a Big Data Engineering services team and established a Data Science practice. Highly sought after for his deep expertise and interest in emerging trends, Alex routinely speaks at industry events as a member of the OakTable.

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