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This message is for our readers mostly located in UK and Europe but keep reading even if you are far away geographically – nothing is impossible in our digital age and you might actually consider traveling there in case of desperate interest. Your feedback would be useful, either way.

What I want to draw your attention to is that Jonathan Lewis has posted a call for attendees for a special event dedicated to virtualization technologies with Oracle. This event is considered by UKOUG and whether it happens or not depends on you.

I had a brief discussion with Jonathan at the UKOUG Conference in Birmingham last week and shared significant interest about virtualization that I can see from our customers as well as a fear cloud around it. From my point of view, an event dedicated to virtualization technologies would be very timely now to satisfy quickly growing interest and provide real world experience in addition to publicly available marketing-like information from different vendors. Knowing high quality of UKOUG events, I’m sure that this would be a great forum to share ideas and learn what others do with virtualization.

Have a quick look if haven’t done so already especially if you are closer to managerial role or wear architect’s hat rather than DBA’s one. It’s not only about host virtualization but also network, storage and other resources.

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