Watch: The Most Underrated Features of SQL Server 2014 — Part 1

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Since its release back in April, SQL Server experts across the globe are becoming familiar with the top features in Microsoft SQL Server 2014—the In-Memory OLTP engine, the AlwaysOn enhancements, and more. But we couldn’t help but notice that there are a few features that aren’t getting the same attention. Warner Chaves, a Microsoft Certified Master and SQL Server Principal Consultant at Pythian has filmed a video series sharing the most underrated features of SQL Server 2014.

In his first video, Warner emphasizes the importance of Microsoft’s new feature, delayed durability. “Why do we care about delayed durability?” Warner asks. “The reason we care about it is because waits on the transaction log get a lot shorter. It’s a very, very small change on the database that makes a big impact.” Learn about the specific use cases for delayed durability, and how to implement it in Warner’s video The Most Underrated Features of SQL Server 2014 — Part 1 down below.

What are your thoughts? Are there any features that you feel were quietly announced, but deserve more recognition? Let us know.

Watch the rest of the series here:


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