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It’s my not-so-humble opinion that it takes a special kind of ‘someone’ to work in a successful and innovative collective such as Pythian.  We’re a diverse team of thought-leaders, technology forecasters, technical prodigies and individual contributors.  When we look for people to join our global company we’re looking for people who want to see that their work really matters…that they matter.  We have truly discerning tastes when it comes to who gets to have “Pythian” in their email signature – you have to love data and value what it does for people.

Oh.  And you have to like people (we’re funny like that).

Our global team is brimming with top talent dedicated to building something larger than them.  We haven’t gotten this far by playing it safe.  We play it smart.  We’re strategic.  We have a vision to be the most trusted and admired technology services organization in the world….

….And we’re looking for fantastic people to join us.   In order to take your career to the next level at Pythian, you have to be able to:

Lend a hand – There are times when it’s easier to allocate blame but in the end, the problem still exists.  It may not be ‘your fault’ but it can become everyone’s problem.  In situations where there isn’t a lot of time for advanced planning it’s the people who take steps towards a solution that will make the greatest (and often most favorable) impact.

Play to your strengths – Maybe you’re a whiz with numbers or an I.T. genius.  Perhaps your level of organization is outstanding or you have incredible leadership skills. Play to what energizes you.  Cultivate it, infuse your work with it and success will follow.

Lean into the unknown – Opportunity is often found in the things we never knew existed.  Many of the talented people that I’ve come to know at Pythian can dive fearlessly into projects and own them.   If they don’t know how to do something, they learn it and they learn how to do it well.  That’s just the way it’s done.

Embrace diversity – We believe that every employee that works with us is deserving of dignity and respect.

Be approachable –Typically there’s a good mix of personalities in any successful company.  While introverts seem to be at the helm of hands on I.T. work, extroverts also contribute significantly to getting things done.  Regardless of which way your personality leans, always be approachable.  A positive disposition is often contagious.

Put your best face forward – Remember that the skill and professionalism that you demonstrate every day will inevitably become your business card.  Maya Angelou once said, “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Do you think you can picture yourself here? Discover more about what it’s like to be part of the Pythian team.  You just might be our kind of people!



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