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Welcome to Pythian’s recruitment process! We haven’t met yet, but if you’re considering a role here at Pythian, you’ll likely be speaking with me or one of my colleagues on the Talent Acquisition team. 

What We Do

Our purpose at Pythian is to help businesses use their data and cloud to transform how they compete and win in this ever-changing environment. We do this by delivering advanced on-premise, hybrid, cloud and multi-cloud solutions to solve the toughest data challenges faster and better than anyone else.

My Talent Acquisition colleagues and I have incredibly rewarding roles. We recruit and hire talented candidates who will contribute to our shared purpose and goals and complement our already phenomenal team. We act as the main point of contact throughout the hiring process, collaborating and partnering with candidates to fulfill their career goals.

Pythian’s Hiring Process: How to Prepare

Our team is rapidly growing. We have a number of roles that might be the perfect next step in your career. Our opportunities include technical roles such as:

  • Database Consultant
  • Systems Administrator
  • Cloud Consultant
  • Solution Architect
  • Project Manager

We also have business-oriented roles in:

  • Sales
  • Business Development
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Legal
  • Human Resources

After completing your application, the Talent Acquisition team reviews your profile and experience and aligns it with the role in which you’ve expressed interest. This process isn’t just about Pythian finding a great candidate for the role, it’s also about giving you a chance to make sure that this is an opportunity you’ll be excited about and the right next step in your career. We have a comprehensive process to ensure this, and we’ll be guiding you every step of the way. 

Step 1: The Pythian Challenge

If your profile is a match for our current needs, we’ll move forward to the next stage of our process. 

For technical positions, this is your initial opportunity to demonstrate your expertise in a specific technology stack by completing a technical assessment. This is done through an automated testing platform, or an attachment we’ll send to your email address.

For business positions, the assessment stage might include providing writing samples or completing a written exercise to showcase your skills and abilities. 

After you’ve completed this step, we’ll review and evaluate your responses as soon as possible. You can anticipate a follow up from our team.

Step 2: Meet Your Pythian Recruiter

This is an introductory call with a Talent Acquisition team member. It’s a two-way discussion to learn more about your background, career experiences, and to share details about the position. Here, we are looking forward to:

  • Learning about what you’re working on
  • Discovering what excites you in your next career opportunity
  • Sharing specifics on the role to make sure it’s aligned to your expectations

Step 3: Show Off Your Skills

Our team is excited to virtually meet you for these discussions, so you’ll be joining us on a video call.

For technical positions, this stage allows us to further understand your technical knowledge and identify areas of expertise. You’ll be meeting with a technical team member to discuss real-world scenarios that we regularly encounter. Portions of this discussion might be “hands-on,” where we’ll ask you to complete certain tasks while sharing your screen to further demonstrate your skills. 

For business positions, this step might include a brief presentation that we’ll ask you to prepare and present to our team. This allows you to showcase your understanding of the current business environment and offer professional insights. 

Step 4: Meet the Team

At this stage, we’d love to connect with you either virtually on a video call, or in-person if you’re close to one of our global offices. 

We’ll be looking forward to introducing you to the hiring manager and you’ll have a chance to meet other members of the team, including our leadership team and your future colleagues. 

We’ll provide you with:

  • An overview of “a day in the life” at Pythian
  • Information about our team and how we operate
  • The opportunity to further discuss your background and experience

We’re dedicated to ensuring that the role is mutually suitable and to engaging in a two-way exchange so that all your questions are answered.

Step 5: Preparing to Become a Pythianite

As we near the final stages, we’ll connect with your professional references to learn even more about your accomplishments. We’ll also inform you about the specifics of joining our team and becoming a Pythianite!

Welcome to Pythian

Upon signing up to join our team, we’ll be excitedly preparing for your first day. As we’re getting ready, we’ll be regularly communicating with you to let you know what to expect during your first week. We’ll also be preparing your equipment, accounts, and much more. 

We have an incredible onboarding program that we affectionately refer to as “BORG” (Bringing On Recruited Gurus). We’ll set you up for success by scheduling company-wide orientation sessions to introduce you to our leadership team and various departments. You’ll also complete role-specific training with your manager and team.

Whether you’re working onsite or remotely (like many of our colleagues), the BORG onboarding program is a terrific way to welcome new hires to Pythian. 

Pythian Perks

Making your next career move is always an exciting venture. Our Talent Acquisition team is thrilled to join you on your journey and is committed to helping you fulfill your career goals at Pythian. We’re excited to partner with you throughout our hiring process, and we look forward to connecting with you soon!

Interested in joining our team? Explore our current job openings!



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Syed Moeenuddin
November 16, 2021 12:55 am

That was a very insightful walkthrough of your interview process. I would love to be a part of the company and I have also, come across the BI Analytics- freshers post on linked at your company for Bangalore office. I have applied for the same. Please consider my profile. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Bright Agbedinu
May 9, 2022 10:09 am

A walk through of your interview process is just awesome and mind-blowing . I just apply for sales representative carrier in your highly rated company. Please be considerate to my application. Best regards.


Great walkthrough of the interview process and would assume it is similar for your contract position as well.
Thanks for this insight and hope to have the opportunity to interview with your company soon.


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