What’s new in SQL Server RC0 setup

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  1. Datacentre Edition is no longer available as a MS SQL Server 2012 RC0 candidate, Read More
  2. MS SQL Server 2012 RC0 includes new edition – SQL Server Business Intelligence, Read More
  3. Service Pack 1 is the minimum requirement for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 operating systems, Read more
  4. Data Quality Services can be installed using SQL Server 2012 RC0 Setup, Read more
  5. Product update is the new feature available with MS SQL Server 2012 RC0, this will integrate latest update with main product including MS Update, WSUS, local folder or UNC. This feature is an extension to Slipstream Functionality which was available in SQL Server 2008 PCU1. We can use command prompt or configuration file to override default values to find updates by specifying values for UpdateSource parameter, Read more
  6. We can now install MS SQL Server on Windows Server 2008 R2 Core SP1, not all features are supported though, Read more
  7. SQL Server Data Tools (formerly, BIDS) is now part of setup, with this we can carry out all database design work, and can build solutions for SSAS, SSRS and SSIS. Read more
  8. Now, Support for SQL Server multi-subnet clustering included, Read more
  9. Databases (systems and users) can now be on UNC path, we may need to make sure that proper NTFS and File Share permissions are assigned, Read more
  10. Local disk can be used for Tempdb in cluster, Read more
  11. Built-in Administrator and Local system account will not be part of sysadmin role
  12. Itanium editions are no longer supported

— Hemantgiri S. Goswami

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