What’s new with apps password change in R12.2 E-Business Suite ?

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Apps password change routine in Release 12.2 E-Business Suite changed a little bit. We have now extra options to change password, as well as some manual steps after changing the password using FNDCPASS.

There is a new utility introduced called AFPASSWD. This utility unlike FNDCPASS wont require you to enter apps and system user password, and makes it possible to separate duties between database administrator and application administrator. In most cases both these roles are done by same DBA. But in large organizations, there may be different teams that manage Database and Application. You can read about different options available in AFPASSWD in EBS Maintenance guide.

Whether you use FNDCPASS or AFPASSWD to change the APPLSYS/APPS password, you must also perform some additional steps. This is because in R12.2, the old AOL/J connection pooling is replaced with Weblogic Connection Pool ( JDBC Datasource ).  Currently this procedure is not yet automated. It would be good, if this can be automated using some WLS scripting.

  • Shut down the application tier services
  • Change the APPLSYS password, as described for the utility you are using.
  • Start AdminServer using the adadminsrvctl.sh script from your RUN filesystem
  • Do not start any other application tier services.
  • Update the “apps” password in WLS Datasource as follows:
    • Log in to WLS Administration Console.
    • Click Lock & Edit in Change Center.
    • In the Domain Structure tree, expand Services, then select Data Sources.
    • On the “Summary of JDBC Data Sources” page, select EBSDataSource.
    • On the “Settings for EBSDataSource” page, select the Connection Pool tab.
    • Enter the new password in the “Password” field.
    • Enter the new password in the “Confirm Password” field.
    • Click Save.
    • Click Activate Changes in Change Center.
  • Start all the application tier services using the adstrtal.sh script.

I will be posting more of these What’s new with R12.2 articles in future. Post your experiences changing passwords in Oracle EBS in the comments section. I will happy to hear your stories and give my inputs

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Posted it to my personal blog as well



Hi – Anybody and everybody out there who can help me in this!

I tried following all that is instructed to deploy Single Node EBS 12.2.3 VM from VM templates. Stuck on visionappsconfig.sh that does not allow me proceed. Ended up dropping VM and reImporting after a week’s struggle.

Any pointers will be great help.


This is good and works fine for RUN file system. But same has to be done for PATCH File System by bringing up “Admin Server” on patch FS using
adadminsrvctl.sh start -forcepatchfs option. Both have been tested and they work fine.

Paul Landon
July 19, 2015 8:11 pm

So you leave the admin console up and just execute the adstrtal.sh script


Now We got a script for updating the data source password.

Change the APPS password in WLS Data Source by running the the following script as shown:

$ perl $FND_TOP/patch/115/bin/txkManageDBConnectionPool.pl
When prompted, select ‘updateDSPassword’ to change the APPS password in the WLS Datasource.

Start all the application tier services using the $INST_TOP/admin/scripts/adstrtal.sh script.

Verify the WLS data source changes as follows:

Log in to the WLS Administration Console.

In the Domain Structure tree, expand Services, then select Data Sources.

On the Summary of JDBC Data Sources page, select EBSDataSource.

On the Settings for EBSDataSource page, select Monitoring > Testing.

Select “oacore_server1”.

Click Test DataSource.

Look for the message “Test of EBSDataSource on server oacore_server1 was successful”.

Paul Wollenburg
April 23, 2016 12:54 pm

Thanks for the continued support of the EBS community.
Question, What about autoconfig? There maintenance guide seems to conflict with itself.
The guide outlines the steps you noted for the WLS Data Source, and then perform the adstrtal.sh script.
But in the change the apps password section it directs run that you run AutoConfig with the new apps password then restart applications tier. So what is the proper order? What about Autoconfig?


Paul, From my experience one doesnt have to run autoconfig after changing the Apps password. Here is the steps i would follow

– Shutdown All services
– Change Applsys password using FNDCPASS or AFPASSWD
– update WLS Datasource using txkManageDBConnectionPool.pl
– restart all services

Oracle Documentation says to run autoconfig after updating Datasource , which i think is not necessary

Paul Wollenburg
April 26, 2016 9:47 am

An Oracle document came out in February 2016.
Essentially, you shutdown apps, change the APPLSYS Password, run autoconfig, start the admin server,
Change the WLS Datasource like was outlined, start apps, test.


Webloigc hang on loading screen after adadminsrvctl start


Is there a formal/official guide on changing schema passwords for Oracle Application 12.1.3.

September 8, 2018 5:52 am

Do we run autoconfig after changing the apps or applsys password. If yes, why we need to run autoconfig in r12.1 and what changes it makes.

Durai Chinnan
March 29, 2021 12:05 am

Vasu.. how to run adadminsrvctl.sh from command prompt on non-interactive mode?


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