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You might notice that I haven’t blogged in oh, 2 years.  How remiss of me.  The only defense I have is that we’ve been non-stop busy!  Since then we’ve built our client portfolio, brought in two new team members, presented at MySQL Conference and still managed to get into any number of shenanigans.   Still, that is no excuse.  Let me give a summary of some of the interesting things we’ve been up to:

  • Helping a client in the midst of a 10x growth period.
  • Assisting clients in SOX compliance and acquisition readiness.
  • Numerous upgrades to 5.1.
  • Integrating Percona xtrahotbackup with MySQL-zrm
  • Rolling out and tuning Percona 5.1 binaries w/xtraDB plugin
  • Using mk-query-digest to help clients get visibility into their systems without turning on invasive logging.
  • Security audits and roll-outs (much to the dismay of developer communities across the world! *evil laugh here*)
  • Implementation of a new database historical tracker that combines rancid schema and user monitoring, historical versioning and historical volumetrics. (more on this soon!)
  • Breakdancing!
  • and much much more.
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