Why use PalominoDB?

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[edited June 8th to correct typo; the figure given is per YEAR, not per month]
Why PalominoDB:

Efficiency in Time and Cost – 

The average salary for a full-time DBA is $80-120K per year, not counting payroll and benefit costs.  You can retain PalominoDB for your senior needs at only $37,200 a year based on a 20 hour retainer.  This leaves the balance for you to invest in a staff of flexible, competent, systems administrators who can handle day to day tasks. A retainer with PalominoDB includes access to our senior and principal personnel, engineers, and systems administrators.  Whatever your need, PalominoDB can fulfill it.  As you have access to an entire team, you are never left short-handed on holidays or during flu season…and we will never leave you for another company.
Team integration –

PalominoDB isn’t just a remote database services company.  From day one, we jump in and work as hard as we can to become part of your team.  We don’t sit in the wings, waiting for you to give us work or for your systems to page us.  We plug into your team’s IRC room and get into your monitoring systems.  We provide constant communication through the use of instant messaging and email.  We attend your team meetings or we set up meetings with you – and we ensure that they are efficient meetings.  Our company integrates into your systems rather than forcing you to integrate with ours.  We are confident you will come to see us as a part of your full-time workforce rather than a group of consultants.

Proactive service –

We review systems daily.  We look for anomalies in workloads.  We check error logs, and we ensure successful backups. We research the benefits of upgraded binaries, new parameters and technologies, and how they can be applied for our clients.  If you aren’t actively generating work for us, we use those hours for proactive work – SQL Reviews, Capacity Reviews and Backup/Recovery tests.  We understand how busy small businesses can be, and we make sure to keep tickets moving.  We do not require babysitting; it is our job to free up your time so you can focus on the rest of your infrastructure.  We can even provide help and recommendations on the rest of your environments.

Extensive Experience –

The professionals at PalominoDB have been managing production systems since before the dot com era.  We’ve seen explosive growth and scaled companies through years, not months, of development.  Our experience is not just with particular technologies, but with operational process, change management, incident and problem management, documentation, and configuration management.  We see the big picture, and work in it using our breadth of experience to do so.  And bottom line, we follow our mantra of three key principles:  Keep production safe, keep production simple, and document and share everything.
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