Why you shouldn’t delete GoldenGate README

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When installing Oracle GoldenGate for Big Data, it’s better to not delete the README file as it provides the version for GoldenGate Java Adapter. The version for GoldenGate ggsci is while the version for Java Adapter is

The README provides a quick and easy method to determine the installed software. In the event README is deleted, the GoldenGate Java Adapter version can be determined from report (rpt) file as shown:

Alternatively, if a good naming convention is established, then it would be easy to determine as shown:

In conclusion, it’s best to not delete README in order to be able to easily identify installed GoldenGate software and it’s best to adopt a naming convention for GoldenGate installation.

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Hi Michael,
for oracle goldengate java adapter can it be installed on the difference major release with Goldengate instance ?

what i know
11.1.x releases of the adapters
can only be installed to 11.1.x releases of Oracle GoldenGate; 11.2.x with 11.2.x,
and 12.1.2.x with 12.1.2.x.

Michael Dinh
April 4, 2019 9:16 am

Hi Abraham,

From my understanding, adapters are bundled with software.

Oracle GoldenGate for Oracle has its own adapter.
Oracle GoldenGate for Big Data has its own adapter and just happens to be different ggsci version.




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