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I was reading a couple of items on gapingvoid

  • the hughtrain
  • the porous membrane: why corporate blogging works

which inspired me to use our blog for a conversation with our customers (and with potential Pythian DBAs) about what it’s like to work with Pythian.

What exactly does an on-site DBA get from working with Pythian Remote DBAs?

  1. Sleep.
  2. Support: phone, IM or email some who either knows how to help or knows someone who knows how to help.
  3. Teammates: You can delegate tasks which are either too hard or too easy onto Pythian.
  4. Accountability. Every minute, every hour is documented for all to see, internally and by individual clients.
  5. Understanding: Someone who knows what being a DBA is like.

You are on-site. Picture the Pythian on-call team standing behind you or beside you; or working with you, or working on task parallel to yours or even on a task you started and need to delegate to get finished.

Behind those frontline DBAs is another 32 Senior DBAs. They are experienced in most Oracle technologies (Apps, RAC, Standbys, Dataguard), Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, and PostgreSQL. Some of these DBAs are so good they are invited to present at DBA and database conferences worldwide.

These DBAs have been refined in the hellfires of years of problems and projects, are sharpened by experience and armed with both superior tools and a searchable past-support library of over 150,000 problem resolutions.

Picture the whole 24 hours in the day being available to be used by teams of DBAs around the world, so your problem is resolved faster. If Oracle Severity 1 Support Requests (SRs) require people to be available 24×7, we can do it.

As a remote DBA, my primary job is to make your job easier. This is because my goals are aligned with your goals. I too want my job to be easier and more relaxing. I too would rather work on proactive or project work, diminishing reactive firefighting and emergencies to a bare minimum.

Have Fun,

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