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After enjoying the excellent hospitality of our host here in Pisa (6 courses) we were ready for our second day at YAPCEU 2010 here in sunny Pisa.

Larry’s new catch phrase “My Language is a four letter word” was the ‘Buzz word’ for today. We settled down to some very interesting talks, the highlight for me being Tim Bunce’s talk on using Devel::NYTProf to Optimize your code. Tim first gave us a quick and dirty overview of optimization which covered the basics of where to start and what to look for he followed up with real examples of Optimizer output and than wrapped up with a few before and after results on an optimization effort.

The rest of the day was dedicated in my opinion, to the future of DBs in with Nelson Ferraz giving an excellent presentation of his concepts for using Perl as to glue for a Data Warehouse application. Next on my agenda, Martin Berends reports on the present state of Perl 6 and interfaces database. There is progress here as we now have some access to the DBI for MySQL and some others. Also great news is the fact there is a good deal of development work going on.

Martin was quickly followed by Tim Bunce again who presented his proposal for the new Perl 6’s DBDI. Seems
we are going to use the JDBC specification with a little tweaking as our road map for the future. Tim also
showed of some Perl 6 black majik from Jonathan Worthington and he was able to how us DBI with DBD::Pg
running on Perl 6.

Allison Randal finished off today’s formal presentations with her “Migration Strategies” presentation. She
gave us some good insight into migration in that we, as developers, cannot force migration on the community. She also provided two examples of migrations: Apache, which took seven years but has almost full buy-in by users and Python, which was quick and dirty but has not received the same buy-in from the community.

Finally we all enjoyed the lightning talks as our wrap up. A number of neat quick ones such as ‘I speak Perl with a ‘c’ accent’, was a highlight for me.

Seems the videos and most of the slides (including my presentation on XS) may be online tomorrow. I will be sure to post them as soon as I see them.

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