Zabbix Templates for MySQL

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We recently had a client come to us, and ask us to improve their MySQL monitoring in Zabbix. So, we did. The approach we took was to port the MySQL script from the superb mysql-cacti-templates project to work with Zabbix. This works out well, because Zabbix is like cacti and nagios combined, and, what we wound up getting, are some templates that can alert us when InnoDB uncheckpointed bytes starts climbing rapidly.

In addition to the above benefit, you also get every MySQL graph that comes from the mysql-cacti-templates project making Zabbix with appaloosa-zabbix-templates* a first-class replacement for cacti when it comes to MySQL trending.

Finally,  the same client is also generously donating time to create templates for Memcached/Membase and Bind9. So, look forward to more out of this project as we go forward into next year.

* Did you notice we really like our horses, here at PalominoDB?

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